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Yin Yoga Immersion 4 Days
Thursday to Sunday
10/11/12/13  January  2019 

Learn to teach and practice the wonder of Yin Yoga . 
Yin is quickly becoming one of the most influential styles of Yoga taught  today! New Yin Yoga classes are showing up on studio schedules daily. WHY? YIN increases flexibility like no other yoga. YIN improves energy flow through the meridian lines leading to all the major lower body organs. YIN improves circulation to the limbs. YIN de-stresses the entire body and improves internal focus! 

TOTAL: 15 hours - 350 US 

Note*  Each student will receive a 15 hour Certificate of Completion.
Course Overview
Yin Teacher Training Program will provide:
Knowledge and Guide Practice of Yin Yoga
Understanding the benefits of Yin Yoga: physical, energetic and spiritual
The difference between Yin and Yang; in Yoga, the world & life

The Energetic Meridian System
Experience of Yin Yoga asanas
Practice teaching and sequencing Yin Yoga classes

*A Yin Yoga - Level 1 manual

*A Yin Teaching Certificate or Certificate of Completion (for non-teachers)
Schedule 4 days / Thursday to Sunday
8 am to 1 pm daily
minimum  participants 2 /maximum participants 8

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